Gentle Touch Animal Sanctuary
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Our volunteers are the heart of our organization. Without them Gentle Touch would not exist. We have the greatest people helping us here! Our volunteers are dedicated, reliable and very caring. They do a number of different things for our animals from cleaning, animal care, paperwork, transporting, fostering, adoption events and helping out at the PetSmart Luv a Pet centers and Roseville/Brooklyn Park Petco stores.


                          Meet our Volunteers

                               Laura Wermager                             
I volunteer weekly at the St. Louis Park Petsmart.
The picture is of me holding Jack, one of my three cats. I also attached a picture of my other two, both adopted from GTAS about a year apart from each other. You may remember them, Kirby (he's put on some weight) & Ernie formally known as Kadin. I can't imagine my life without them and I don't think they can imagine their lives without each other.




                             Lisa Andres, Author
                           Gentle Touch  Volunteer                   

I adopted my first cat from Gentle Touch on January 2, 2006. It was just after Christmas and all the kitties had been adopted except Mia (then Midnight). She was 14 months old and I fell in love with her the moment I saw her. We had 7 wonderful years together and then I had to lay her to rest on 11-11-11. Before then I didn’t know anything about GTAS, but always remembered them because Mia was the love of my life in so many ways. When Mia left, I was sad and my home felt empty without another pet.  2 Weeks later my Mom talked me into looking for another kitty, and we both walked out of GTAS with cats. I adopted a long time resident of GTAS, Dinah (FKA Patty) and a few months later brought her home a brother, Parker (FKA Buckwheat). Having so many wonderful pets inspired me to want to do more than just adopt.  Shortly after Parker came home I started volunteering for Gentle Touch by taking one night a week at a Petsmart to clean all the cages and play with the residents that were there from GTAS.  I’d never been a foster until recently, when I found 3 strays that needed a rescue. GTAS agreed to take them if I could rescue them, and I was able to foster them for about a week. I fell in love with one of the 3, and just adopted my most recent GTAS addition, Justin.  I love Gentle Touch and being a volunteer, there.


                             Scott and Faye Ross

Scott and Faye Ross have recently started fostering for GTAS. They take in cats for a few weeks before they go to Petsmart or if they have been at Petsmart for too long. Here they are with their own cat, Genna (calico) and their current foster cat, Gemmie.


Stephanie is a long time foster.  She has been fostering kittens for GTAS for several years.  She enjoys getting them in young so she can nurse them back to health and watch them grow.  She takes in some of the more challenging felines.  Some need weeks of TLC before they are healthy enough to be adopted.  She never complains and loves her fostering job. 



Pic with my foster, Kujo.
Have volunteered with GTAS for about 10 years in a variety of capacities.  Currently doing a little bit of fostering, laundry and occasional fill in for volunteers at St. Louis Park PetSmart.

Linda was one of our first volunteers.  She started at the St. Louis Park Petsmart store taking care of our animals in the Luv-A-Pet Center.  From there she helped out at the Plymouth Petsmart store and eventually started helping out at the facility.


Liza is another one of our long time volunteers.  She started volunteering in 2003 as a facility helper.  Over the course of the years she learned how to treat and medicate sick kittens/cats/dogs and puppies.  She enjoyed her time with the animals and is now currently helping out at the Farm cleaning up after the resident animals once or twice a month.



Sarah has been fostering our kittens and momma's since 2011.  She likes taking in the orphaned kittens and/or momma's with small babies.  She doesn't mind if they need some extra TLC or medical treatments and keeps them until she knows they are completely healthy and ready to be adopted.  She is always eager to get a new bunch of kitties to take care of.



Gentle Touch is an all-volunteer organization. Without the kindness and support of our volunteers we would not be able to give our animals the love and attention they need and deserve. 
Hundreds of homeless animals are euthanized weekly because the facilities that house them cannot manage the large volume of animals they receive.

Gentle Touch steps in and rescues these animals; however, we can only rescue as many animals as we have foster homes for.

We are  looking for volunteers who can help out at the Petsmart Luv-a-Pet Center in St Louis Park  by cleaning cages, checking on our animals, and spending quality time with them.  Animal Wellness Checkers are also needed at the Brooklyn Park and Roseville Petco store.

While we don't like to see our animals behind bars sometimes it's just a nasty reality.  That is why we provide volunteer services to the stores our animals are located at.  Our volunteers make sure our animals have plenty of free-running time, have clean cages, fresh bedding, food and water, and lots of quality people time.

Animal transporters are urgently needed. Transporters take animals to our participating Petsmart locations and may include picking up those who may need to go back to their foster for a short stay. This is an on-call volunteer opportunity.

Special events volunteers and Petsmart adoption day volunteers are needed as well. These one-day opportunities are perfect for those who cannot commit to a regular volunteer schedule but still offers an opportunity to help the animals.

If you can open up your home and heart to orphaned kittens, PG moms or momma's with babies we can always use Foster Homes until they are ready to be adopted.

We are a very small organization, and would love to have you come and join our family of volunteers.

Please visit the Volunteer Opportunity Icon at the top of the page for more available positions.

                                    Megan and Nick

Megan and Nick started volunteering for GTAS in 2005. They cleaned cages at Petsmart every Saturday morning for 7 1/2 years, as well as helping out with various other tasks such as tranporting animals and special events. When their son Harmon was born they took a little bit of a break, but now all three of them are back at it. This time fostering, helping out with paperwork, updating websites, and still helping out at Petsmart. One of their favorite things to do is help with adoptions. It is amazing to see animals go off to their forever homes. The picture is of Megan, Nick, and Harmon doing photos with Santa as a fundraiser at Petsmart, which they have done every year since they started.


                                Alisha Franczak

I care for cats at GTAS' partner store, Roseville Petco.
Two evenings per week, I clean cages (including cleaning food dishes, changing out bedding & toys, scooping litter) & ensuring the cats have fresh food & water.  While their cage is cleaned, the cats stretch & play in their screened pen. I try to exercise them with laser toys, chasey toys ANYTHING they will chase! I like to finish up my session with 5-15minutes of "chair time" where I just sit & pet the cat (to build/maintain positive human socilization/interaction). When applicable, the kitty is returned to his/her cage with a bowl of savory can food. I prefer to give can food right after "chair time" to help the cat associate people with positive rewards; which is especially helpful to get shy cats to be more social.

I also provide short-term foster care to new arrivals who need to be vetted & sterilized. Sometimes I also foster & provide meds for a cat at the Roseville store if it gets sick.

I have done lots of volunteering BUT didn't find my niché until I became a volunteer at GTAS.  Volunteerism is essential to GTAS' success & I am finally at a place where I know everything I give goes right where it should, the animals. If you work well independently & have a basic knowledge of how to meet a cats physical & emotional needs, GTAS is the place for you!



Heather has been volunteering since 2001.  She has helped with fostering, paperwork, adoption events, transporting, facility helper, and all around gopher.  Heather still remembers our very first dog, George!  He was a very energetic dalmatian around 6 months old.  Quite the handful!

She currently enjoys fostering our puppies.  She takes very good care of our puppies and we know they couldn't be in any better hands than hers!


                                      Stephanie Mraz

This January 2014 will mark the 5th year I've been volunteering with Gentle Touch. I've gone from just one day a week, to every weekend, to every day of the week. I've medicated cats, cleaned ears, and given sub q's. There have been cats with continuous URI's, puppies battling life with parvovirus, and kittens too malnourished to make it, but I wouldn't trade any of these experiences for anything. Being in rescue, especially Gentle Touch, has made me wiser, and a better person. Since the foreclosure of our local building I have taken to fostering and taking care of the cats at the Petco store in Brooklyn Park. Let's just say there's never a dull moment!