Gentle Touch Animal Sanctuary
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Tattle Tails

Tattle Tails is a page written by our pets on how they came to be Gentle Touch animals, to give some insight into what they may be thinking about their situation, and what they would like to see in their new furever homes.

Female Boxer Mix - 3 Years

Taylor’s Story:
“I’m a really sweet girl and I don’t really know what I did to get to this place. I was tied to this building and all of a sudden someone came out and found me there. I was wearing a really worn in harness for a long time; I had hair loss on my neck and the spot was very red. The people here were really nice to me, even though they weren’t sure where I came from or how I would react to people or other dogs and kitties. When they took me in they took my harness off and I was soooo happy! They gave me food, water, toys, and a nice comfy collar to wear. I came with tags for my vet and a microchip tag so these people (I think they’re called rescue people) found my owner, but he didn’t want me anymore! What did I do wrong? I am potty trained, microchipped, have all my shots, spayed, and am overall a very healthy girl. I am well behaved and I know all the commands he taught me like: sit, lie down, come and leave it; but I am still here. I love to run around and get lots of exercise and I just LOVE people! My tongue never gets tired of giving kisses. I get along best with dogs my own size, and who are not going to boss me around. The people here think I may have had dog friends it the past but had my home to myself. When I see kitties I really just want to play with them so I wouldn’t mind having a kitty friend as long as he liked me too. Sometimes when you leave me I cry a little bit because I don’t know if you are going to come back but I still know how to behave myself when you are gone! When you first walk in the door I get so excited to see you I jump up and want to let you know I’m here and ready to go, so I might need some training to break me of that but after the initial meeting I am a mellow girl who will just lie around while you do your own stuff. I don’t bark that much and I won’t take up that much room since I am only about 35-40lbs. Please won’t you take me home and show me that I can trust people again?”