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Although the adoption fee for rats is inexpensive, proper vet care can be hundreds of dollars when they get sick. Rats are notorious for respiratory disease and tumors. Are you willing and able to provide proper vet care to your new rats?:
Do you rent or own? ::
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Please list other people who live in the home and their relationship to you::
Would you agree to a home visit?:
Who will be responsible for the daily care, cage cleaning, and daily outside of cage time for the rats?:
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Please list the names, species, and ages of your current pets ::
Are your current pets spayed or neutered and up to date on vaccinations (n/a for pocket pets)? ::
Have your current pets been exposed to pocket pets before? ::
Please list any other pets you have had within the last 10 years and where they are now::
Why are you looking to adopt rats?:
Please describe the enclosure you will provide for you new rats::
If you plan to house them with other rats, do you understand the quarantine and introduction process?:
Do you agree to NEVER have unaltered rats of opposite sexes together?:
How much out of cage time will your rats get on a daily basis?:
What circumstances would cause you to return a rat?:
Do you agree to return your rats to Gentle Touch Animal Sanctuary if you are ever unable to keep them?:
Gentle Touch offers a 14 day return policy on the animal you have adopted. You may return the animal for any reason within that time period and receive your money back (policy for rats only). If you choose to take the animal to a vet for treatment at any point GENTLE TOUCH CANNOT REIMBURSE YOU FOR ANY MEDICAL EXPENSES. Do you feel this is a fair option?: