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Pre-Adoption Questionnaire

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Thank you for your interest in one of our animal.  To better serve you, the adopter, and to make sure that you and the animal you are interested in are a good match please complete the following questionnaire.  This helps to assure us that both your needs and the animal you are interested in are being met.  Please complete the form below and hit the submit button when completed.  An adoption assistant will contact you shortly.

First Name:
Last Name:
Address Street 1:
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Daytime Phone:
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Best time to contact you:
Tell us briefly why you are seeking an animal at this time.:
Describe your ideal pet.:
What is your knowledge of the breed you are interested in:
If the animal you are interested in is not housebroken what method will you use to housetrain?:
What size dog would best fit into your lifestyle?:
What method of discipline would you use to correct your dog?:
Would you be seeking out obedience classes?:
Why or why not?:
Where would this dog/puppy spend most of its day?:
Will this animal spend any portion of its day outside, if so, how much time?:
Do you have a fenced in yard? If not how will you contain the dog?:
What type of exercise and socialization do you intend on using and how often?:
Dogs/puppies tend to chew inappropriately - how will you re-direct this behavior?:
What happens if this particular animal is not what you expected or doesn't behave in the manner that you expected?:
Are you looking for an aggressive dog? Why or why not?:
Under what circumstances would you consider surrendering an animal?:
If you have other animals what will you do if the new animal and the other animals do not get along?:
Do you have 15+ years to commit to this animal?:
Do you feel it is necessary to have your animals vetted yearly, why or why not?:
We expect that animal we place into your home will be "family members" briefly describe what you feel this means: