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Cat Adoption Application
Cat Adoption Application

Please complete the form below and hit the submit button when you are done.  If you have not received a response within 24 hours please email our Adoption Coordinator at    Your application is completed once you receive back to our Home Page.

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Name of animal you are applying for::
Please provide 2 personal references (name, phone, and relationship to you):
Veterinarian's name / clinic:
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Who will be responsible for the daily care of the cat?:
If the cat a gift for someone?:
If yes, name and relationship to applicant?:
Number of adults in the household:
Do you rent or own?:
Apartment / Landlord's name:
Landlord's phone number:
How many children do you have?:
Ages of your children?:
Have your children been around cats before?:
How many cats do you have?:
Have you owned any other cats within the last 10 years:
What happened to them?:
How many dogs do you have?:
Breed / Mix:
Do they get along with cats?:
Is anyone in the home allergic to cats?:
If yes, how will this be managed?:
How will your new cat spend its days?:
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How will your new cat spend it's nights (from the list above)?:
Would you agree to a home visit?:
Please provide your birthdate:
Do you have 15+ years to commit to this animal?:
Why are you looking to adopt a cat?:
What characteristics are you looking for in a cat and what happens if this cat / kitten is not what you wanted or expected?:
Under what circumstances would you return / surrender a pet?:
Are your current pets spayed or neutered and up to date on vaccinations? If no, please explain:
How will you introduce your new pet to your current pets?:
Our Homeless cats have been through a lot and some may need an adjustment period in yet another new environment. They may hide and act out in other ways due to stress. How much time are you willing to give this animal to acclimate to its new surroundings and act in a normal manner? :
How will you deal with unwanted behaviors (such as scratching, play attacking, going where they are not supposed to, etc.):
Animals coming into a no-kill shelter come from environments where they were NOT taken care of well or provided with proper medical care. Often they have parasites, respiratory infections, intestinal infections, and many other medical issues. Most of these things are contagious and difficult to completely control in multi-cat foster homes. We have treated or begun to treat these issues. Are you willing and able to provide continuing medical care? :
Gentle Touch offers a 14 day return policy on the animal you have adopted. You may return the animal for any reson within that time period and receive an exchange certificate towards another cat or kitten of your choice. If you choose to take the animal to a vet for treatment GENTLE TOUCH CANNOT REIMBURSE YOU FOR ANY MEDICAL EXPENSES. Do you feel this is a fair option?:
What are your expectations from the organization you are considering adopting from?:

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