Gentle Touch Animal Sanctuary
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  No Kill Animal Rescue and Placement Service
Looking for that special thing in your life?  Fostering one of our animals puts new meaning in your life and opens up all kinds of doors for you and the animals you have helped move on towards a better life.

         Hazel gets a second chance!

It is not often, as a volunteer, one has the opportunity to see a GTAS alumni in their new home. I had that wonderful chance this weekend. Thanks to Roger and Chris for their generosity in asking that donations to celebrate their marriage be given to Gentle Touch. Those donations were to honor Hazel Penelope. Not only did I recognize Hazel, but I remember the circumstances surrounding her surrender and processed the surrender. Hazel and her sister Phyllis were homeless, along with their distraught pet parent (who not only lost his home but job as well). Hazel had a very difficult time adjusting to her new surroundings and many volunteers helped by making sure she was eating. Today Hazel has a happy home with a beagle and another cat, not to mention loving pet parents. Thank you Roger and Chris!


Here is a picture of Hazel sitting on her pillow in my art studio. She visits me there, especially when I'm working late at night.



See the story of Finding Sanctuary.

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    Animals Placed: 6462
Total this year: 261

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